5AM MUSIC CLUB: Use Music Glue to sell stuff and apply for festivals

Hi 5am team! Yes it’s half twelve, I’m cramming this in a lunchbreak. So today a quick post about Music Glue. In short, it’s like an updated MySpace. You make a profile and can customise it a fair amount with minimal web skills. It’s responsive and works pretty well on tablet/phone. I’m fairly pleased with ours, it basically does the job and I’ve told myself to stop faffing with it now 😉


Two awesome things Music Glue offers:

AWESOME THING #1: The Apply To Play page allows you to submit your act for festivals and events including Great Escape and Blue Dot Festival. Once you have a Music Glue page, head to https://www.musicglue.com/blog/apply-to-play/ and check out the opportunities. Could be useful if you’re a promoter too.

AWESOME THING #2: Your profile can have a Products section where you can sell pretty much anything. We’re using it for music downloads, which we’ve enabled streaming on, but it supports physical merch, experiences etc.

Hope this is useful, ’til next time, keep it bleary. All the best, Chris FoH