5am Music Club: F*cking up on-stage

Morning 5am crew! If you’re gigging this weekend, take a read of this:


We’re playing this Friday at the Cellar (plug! bit.ly/foh-170317) and last time we were there we had a few technical boo-boos and didn’t bring the audience in as the article suggests. I remember feeling the rising panic as the seconds ticked by. It’s embarrassing to admit something is broken (maybe something entirely preventable) and have that black hole of silence sucking away the audience’s attention.

So our strategy is to give out more microphones, not to just Phil and me. If something breaks, we’ll ‘fess up, then Phil and drummer James will start waffling on entertainingly, probably insulting each other, talking board games and/or slow cooking. Play to your natural strengths 🙂 Have a great day! Chris FoH x