5am Music Club: Get a band bank account

Hi 5am team! Get some coffee to burn away your hangover and let’s talk bizniz. Getting a shared bank account was a great admin hack for us:

  • Use online banking to see at a glance how much/little money the band has! We put all cash we get from gigs and merch into the account.
  • Take payments from proper grownup companies! BBC, PRS, University of Oxford museums etc all paid us via bank transfer.
  • Pay for stuff electronically! No more paying with personal money then forgetting to claim it back.

We have a Community and Group account with NatWest, more details and application form here.

BONUS POINTS: Get a band PayPal account! Flights use this for Bandcamp payments. You’ll need to order a debit card, check it out:

See y’all tomorrow!