5amMusicClub: Get a shared band calendar

Sleep-addled fist bump 5am-ers! One move that really helped Flights of Helios get organised was a shared online calendar. We use Google Calendar. We put in band commitments (rehearsals, gigs, baannd meetings) and personal ones (holidays, weddings, Settlers of Catan games), everyone’s got it on their phone and so we can answer pretty accurately whether people are available for new fun stuff.

So our calendar’s called Flights of Helios and is on our flightsofhelios@gmail.com Google account. Each band member has a Google account tied to their email address (doesn’t need to be a Gmail one) and the calendar is shared to them with permissions to ‘make changes and manage sharing’.

Sign up for a Google Account then create a calendar, then invite people and set permissions in the Calendar Settings:

Then just hit ‘Share My Calendar’ and add email addresses; if the person doesn’t have a Google account yet they’ll get an email asking them to make one. TTFN x